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About Us

We're a new start-up LLC in Hartsville, South Carolina. These five statements define who we are and what we want to do:

First, we want to provide a hands-on "artisan" quality for our products. Many of them are made by hand here in Hartsville. Whether it's hand-tying curd cutters or pressing 'eese-Cloths we want to them to go "from our hands to yours".

Second, we highlight a method for heating milk and preparing curd that we think is well suited for the home / hobby cheesemaker. Our system is based on a concept of rectangular pans and heating that gives you precise control whether you're heating milk or cutting curds.

Third, other major focus areas are draining, pressing and the cheese aging environment.

We don't have a long list of products, but our "eese'Cloths", "Clear-Molds" and cave control systems are unique, effective, and economical.

Fourth, we want to provide accurate performance information on our product's via testing and making these results available to our customers.

Finally, we commit to complete customer satisfaction. For us, that includes responding to "custom" requests and considering suggestions for new products. At the bottom of each product page there is a feedback form that you can use to contact us.

Blessings to you,

John, Patty, and the PC elves