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Cave Cube Performance Tests

A comment we got from one of our Cube "evaluators" was it worked good, but he would have liked it to have a more powerful fan. It turned out that the problem wasn't humidification output of the cube but the de-humidification effect of the freezer coils (explained in more detail here).

But since we really didn't have data we thought it would be good to do a simple performance test and see how quickly the Cube humidifies it's environment. 

We picked a small room (a 192 cu. ft. half-bath), placed the cube on the sink, and sealed the room as best we could. After the %RH sensor leveled out we turned the Cube's fan on and recorded the relative humidity (see graph below).

Relative humidity increased rapidly but started leveling off at 76%. The walls in the room we used was sheetrock, and no doubt as the humidity increased some of the moisture was adsorbed into the wallpaper, walls and other hygroscopic materials usually found in a bathroom. 

As time goes on we'll do some more testing. The fan we're using is 180 cfm and we think it can easily handle even large refridgerator sizes. One thing we don't want to do is pump more humidity than we need to as this will increase the amount of vapor that condenses on the coils and may cause the drain pan to overfill.