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SturdyPress (by Robert Samuelson)

The "SturdyPress" cheese press combines the traditionality of a Dutch-style press with a unique two-position lever that provides a selectable mechanical advantage. What this means is that you can obtain up to 350 pounds pressure using only 40 pounds of lever weight.  

These presses are hand made and shipped direct from Robert Samuelson's "RiverWoodShop".

Please note: These presses are made individually to order so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Product No. PC-SP

$150.00 ea.

SturdyPress Features:

  • Constructed of selected kiln dried fir
  • Finish is food-grade mineral oil
  • Bearing surfaces FDA approved HDPE to reduce friction
  • Typical maximum pressing weight = 300 lbs. (tested to 450 lbs.)


  • Dimensions:
Press frame 15" high x 20" wide x 8" deep

Support legs 23" long

Lever arm 27" long

  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Cheese mold area: 12" wide x 10" high (large enough for a pot for pressing in whey)
  • Mechanical advantage: 5x @ PIN A and 9x @ PIN B
  • Follower movement without resetting press is 1.75" @ PIN A and 1.25" @ PIN B
  • Tare weight (lever arm only) is 3.6 lbs. @ PIN A and 4.8 lbs @ PIN B


The base should be clamped or weighted down if the lever weight is high enough to tip the press.

Robert Samuelson

~Cheese Press Artisan~

I ran into Robert at about a year ago and have been an admirer of his "Sturdy Press" Dutch Press design ever since. Like many other home / hobby cheese makers I had built my own dutch-style press but it did not have the range of pressure adjustment as Bob's did.