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Cheesecloth, Trays and Mats

Cheesecloth (Butter Muslin)

This is a fine weave (90 grade) food-grade cheesecloth often referred to as "butter muslin". It is perfect for pressing and/or draining cheese curds, wipes for brushing rind, and dozens of other household uses.  

90 grade cheesecloth (butter muslin)


Square Yards:

Polystyrene Ripening Trays

These eggcrate-style trays create space in the bottom of ripening boxes and mini-caves for whey to collect while providing good air circulation. For high-moisture cheeses like brie these can be indispensable for preventing the bottom of the cheese from touching the drained whey.

The trays are a 7.5" x 3/8" thick square grid made of rigid non-corrosive polystyrene; the same material used for ceiling light diffuses. We recommend using a medium or fine mesh polyethylene mat between the tray and the cheese to prevent indentation and direct food contact. 

Eggcrate draining tray

Part No. PC-EKT


Plastic Draining / Ripening Mats

These are .050" thick extruded polypropylene plastic mats. They are "two sided" with a smoother, flatter side that can be used against the cheese surface or a rougher side for improved draining and improved air circulation for ripening. We have these in two different mesh sizes (medium and fine) and three different "square" sizes.

Plastic Mat

Medium Mesh

Product No. PC-MATM


Plastic Mat

Fine Mesh

Product No. PC-MATF


*Custom cut sizes and quantity discounts are available - please contact us.

Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.


Draining / Ripening Tray:

L x W: 7.5" x 7.5"

Thickness: .375"

Grid size: .500 inches

Material: Rigid white polystyrene

Medium Mesh Mats:

Hole Size: .085" x .115"

Thickness: .050"

Strands (per inch): 7 x 6

Nominal Open Area: 37%

Color: Natural

Material: Extruded polyethylene

Fine Mesh Mats::

Hole Size: .030" x .037"

Thickness: .036"

Strands (per inch): 16 X 13

Nominal Open Area: 20%

Color: Natural

Material: Extruded polyethylene

Cheese Tip

To clean:

Rinse with cold water first followed by soaking in a warm mild dish detergent solution. Adding a small amount of household bleach (1 Tbs. per quart water) will sanitize and also help remove dried milk deposits.

To sanitize:

Flat mats can be steam sterilized without warping if care is taken not to have the mats touching bottom or sides of the steaming vessel. Molded mats will flatten slightly if steamed, so chemical sanitation is recommended.