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Polycarbonate "Clear Molds"

Our clear cylindrical molds are made of 1/8" thick FDA certified transparent polycarbonate. Our "Clear-Mold" line is a PC-exclusive and the only polycarbonate molds we know of that allow you to see the curd and follower during the pressing process. Virtually unbreakable and able to withstand very high pressures, they're comparable to the European stainless steel cylindrical molds except that they are CLEAR, lighter and more economical. The 6" Clear Molds come with 1/2" thick black HDPE follower, 1" x 2" x 3" HDPE spacer block and two circular fine mesh screens.

8" OD clear molds are now available. We can also custom make these so if you don't see the height you need please let us know and we will quote you a price. 4" and 5" OD molds are available on special order.

6" OD Polycarbonate Clear Mold

With 1/2" HDPE follower, spacer block and two round fine mesh pressing screens. Use:

  • 4.5" tall for 1 to 2 lb. cheeses
  • 6" tall for 2 to 3 lb. cheeses
  • 8" tall for 3 to 5 lb. cheeses with taller form factor
  • Custom heights are available.
Product No. PC-MLDC6, Choose Height:

8" OD x 6" Tall Polycarbonate Clear Mold

With follower, spacer block and two round fine mesh pressing screens. Use:

Product No. PC-MLDC8, Choose Height:

Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.


  • 1/8" thick clear polycarbonate
  • FDA / NSF certified resin
  • Completely transparent
  • Lets you to see curds and follower
  • Can be steam sterilized

Cheese Tip.

"Clearly" better molds!

As far as we know these are the only completely transparent 1/8" think polycarbonate molds available to the home cheesemaker. Stainless steel is sturdy and polyethylene is cheap, but once you press with one of our Clear Molds you won't want to go back. The transparency of the mold and the black follower helps you to keep surfaces parallel and check on how well the curds are "knitting", with or without cheesecloth.