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Square-Frame Curd Cutters

Our hand-tied, all SS square-frame curd cutters are designed especially for square and rectangular pans. The 6" x 6" frame works great with all 6" deep rectangular pans up to full (12" x 20") size and batches up to 5 gal. 

The cutter frame is small diameter (3/32") stainless rod and the cutter wires are thin gauge (.014" dia) stainless steel to to cut without "pushing" the curd mass to one side of the pan and to help prevent fragmenting.

We supply three sizes: 1/2," 3/4" and 1" wire spacing. We also offer a HDPE handle that helps you hold the cutter and still quickly switch from vertical to horizontal cuts. Our square-frame cutters allow you to cut curd to perfect squares very quickly, requiring less than a minute for a full size rectangular pan. (Demo video at left)

1" Cutter

Product No. PC-CUT1.0

Currently not available 

3/4" Cutter

Product No. PC-CUT.75

Currently not available

1/2" Cutter

Product No. PC-CUT.50

Currently not available

Removable Handle

Product No. PC-CUTHDL

Currently not available

Full Set with Handle

Product No. PC-CUTSET

Currently not available

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Square-Frame Curd Cutter:

  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 1/8" dia. SS frame .015" dia. SS cutter wires
  • Lead-free silver solder and FDA certified bonding agent
  • 1/16" dia. stainless steel reinforcement wire


  • 2" wide x 6.5" long x .5" thick HDPE
  • Removable to allow horizontal and vertical cuts
  • Fits all square frame curd cutter sizes

 Cheese Tip

Many will tell you to cut the curds as precisely as possible, but others will say "precision" cutting isn't that important.

What I can say from personal experience is that the thing that hooked me on making cheese was the first time I cut the curds. Curds may or may need to be cut "precisely" but there's a certain satisfaction in seeing uniformly sized cubes floating in the whey when you stir.

We do know that as well as cutting uniform curds our square-frame cutter will make cutting curd faster (you should be able to cut a 5 gal. batch in a little over 1 min.) and easier.