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Desiccant Pillow

Desiccant Pillow 1 lb

Product No. PC-DES

$14.00 ea.

Our Desiccant Pillow contains a full pound (450g) of non-indicating** silica gel desiccant encased in four layers of "air porous" #90 cotton cheesecloth. If you're experiencing high humidity you can use the pillow to lower it, or for precision (+/- 3% RH) control use in conjunction with the Humidity Control System with the CC-RH set to de-humidification mode.  

The pillow is capable of absorbing 20% of it's weight (100g) of water vapor and with proper use can be used over and over.  

When to use:

When your enclosure's relative humidity (%RH) averages higher than your target humidity.

Directions (without HCS):

The pillow come ready to use (dried) and sealed in a plastic bag. Remove the pillow and place where air contacts both sides (can be hung by a paper clip if you have glass shelves). You should see a decline in %RH within 8 to 12 hr.  

Using with the Humidity Control System:

Remove the Cave Cube wick and water pan. Set CC-RH controller to de-humidify (C in settings menu). Set desiccant pillow on top of Cave Cube fan and set controller to desired %RH. (see picture above)

When to reactivate:

Depending on humidity and amount of moisture in the enclosure the pouch should continue to absorb water vapor for 1 to 3 weeks. Once the pouch has absorbed 20% of it's weight de-humidification will slow and the pillow should be re-activated.


Place the pillow in a thick glass baking dish and heat in microwave for 5 min. on medium power. Allow to rest and cool in dish for at least 30 min. before replacing into enclosure.

 Q & A

Q: Are there advantages of the Pillow over other "room" desiccants like Eva-Dry?

PC: Eva-dry is a popular alternative but keep in mind that at cheese-aging temperatures desiccants are slow to absorb humidity especially if there is no way to circulate air in the enclosure. We've done tests with Eva-dry's model E-500 along with our "Pillow" with and without the control system, and the data shows ours outperforms the more costly Eva-dry.

** Be aware that silica gel desi-cants that have a blue indicating color when dried use cobalt chloride which is a considered a class 2b carcinogen.