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Dual-Output Temperature / Humidity Controllers

These controllers are compatible with our Cave Cube and foggers making them perfect for applications where both temperature (heating or cooling) and humidity (humidification or de-humidification) control are required. The TH220 gives you precision dual control, while the Wifi-enabled TH220-W comes with the AuberSmart app. that lets you monitor conditions, set parameters and log data using your Android or Iphone. See specifications below or select link to see instruction manual.

Temperature & Humidity Controller

  • TH220 controls heating / cooling AND humidification / dehumidification
  • Displays in either deg. C or F
  • See instruction manual for more features

Part No. PC-TH220

$139.00 ea.

This product is unavailable at this time.

(More details here)

Wifi Temperature & Humidity Controller

  • Same specifications as WH-220 above
  • Adds Wifi for Android, Iphone
  • App will log downloadable temperature and humidity data

This product is unavailable at this time.

(More details here)

(Click on specification table above to enlarge)

Common Features for Auber controllers:

  • Dual 15A outputs*
  • Two-line LED display
  • High-moisture tolerant sensor (up to 100% RH / condensing environments)
  • Displays in either deg. C or F

* Although both temperature and humidity output can handle up to 15A of power, the combined total power of the two channels are limited to 15A total due to the limitation of input power cord.

We're proud to add Auber high-quality dual-output controllers to our product line. With sensors designed to be used in very high %RH (condensing) environments and dual 15A outputs they are perfect for many heating, refrigeration and humidification control applications including:

  • Refridgeration control
  • Cheese caves
  • Meat and sausage curing
  • Green houses
  • Incubators
  • Hydroponics
  • Environmental control