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Egg-krate Draining / Ripening Tray

Egg-krate draining tray

Part No. PC-EKT


These eggcrate-style trays are popular with cheesemakers because they're an inexpensive way to create space in the bottom of ripening boxes and mini-caves for whey to collect while providing good air circulation. For high-moisture cheeses like brie these can be indispensable for preventing the bottom of the cheese from touching the drained whey.

The trays are a 7.5" x 3/8" thick square grid made of rigid non-corrosive polystyrene; the same material used for ceiling light diffuses. We recommend using a medium or fine mesh polyethylene mat between the tray and the cheese to prevent indentation and direct food contact. These trays fit perfectly in our clear mini-caves whether youset in the bottom or on a lid or wood board with the box inverted.