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Humidification Systems for Larger Enclosures

These ultrasonic fogging systems are designed for refrigerated and non-refrigerated enclosures from 100 up to 2,000 cu. ft. and larger. Generators have from 1 to 12 ultrasonic transducers capable of producing from 500 ml/hr (1 lb/hr) of water mist up to 2,500 ml/hr (5 lb/hr).

Generated mist will settle in the container so a fan is required to extract and distribute the mist. Our "Fog-Grr" fan boxes have high-performance 137 cfm fans for maximum fogging efficiency. The Fog-grr comes with our 5-gal container / nozzle package for up to 5-head foggers, or can be purchased separately if you need a larger-capacity container or more fogger heads*.

The mist generators have small "geysers" that form over the heads so the Fog-Grr comes with a clear plastic splash guard that protects the fan.  

All 5-gal. fogging systems come with:

  • Fogging generator (1 to 5 heads)
  • Float to keep generator at optimum depth
  • 24vac power supply for fog generator
  • Spare replacement discs
  • 12vdc power adapter for fan
  • 5 gal. food-grade pail with customized lid
  • Heavy-duty 160 cfm Adda waterproof fan
  • Fog-Grr fan enclosure with splash guard
  • Rotating exit nozzle
  • Pail insulator wrap (optional).

Shipping Note:

Fogging generators, power supply and float are drop-shipped from House of Hydro at no additional shipping charge

One-Head Fogging System

Generates up to 500 ml/hr mist; enough to humidify an air-conditioned cave in the 100 to 600 cu. ft. range*.

Product No. PC-HSUF

(Limited Availability; Please contact us)

$128.50 ea.

Three-Head Fogging System

Generates up to 1,200 ml/hr mist; enough to humidify a 500 to 1,000 cu. ft. enclosure*.

Prod No. PC-HSUF3

(Limited Availability; Please contact us)

$178.50 ea.

Five-Head Fogging System

Generates up to 1,600 ml/hr mist; enough to humidify a 1,000 to 1,500+ cu. ft. enclosure*.

Prod No. PC-HSUF5

(Limited Availability; Please contact us)

$208.50 ea.

Fog-Grr Fan Box Only

Need more water container capacity or using 6 or more fogger heads? Convert your own container / vat / tank by cutting a 4 1/2" hole in the cover for the Fog-Grr and another hole for the vapor to exit.

The Fan Box comes with a clear plastic splash guard to keep water from being splashed by the foggers (which create little "geysers" of water) up into the fan.

Includes high-cfm waterproof fan and 2A power supply.

Product No. PC-FANBOX

(Limited Availability; Please contact us)

$78.50 ea. 

Fog Generators Only

Comes with generator (1 to 12 head), power supply, float and spare discs. 

Product No PC-HSUFG:

Cheese Tips

~Controlled Fogging~

We now offer an optional electronic fan speed control for fogponics and other applications that require fog output control.

For complete %RH control you can add the LPHC-2 that will give precise control within your environment.

The system can be set-up inside the enclosure or outside using ducting. It can also set-up with the controller outside and fogger inside. If the fogging container is inside the cave we suggest you use the insulation wrap below to keep the water warmer to enhance fogging.

~Sizing your System~

Cave volume is a big determinant for sizing the fogging system but there are other variables to take into account:

- Target temperature and %RH?

- Temperature outside of cave?

- How well is cave insulated?

- How the cave is cooled?

- Average volume of cheese kept in cave?

If you are unsure about sizing your fogging system contact us. If it turns out your system is not keeping the required humidity we do offer a "trade-up" policy for a small charge. 

The table below compares all of the House of Hydro foggers (click image to enlarge).