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Cave Cube Humidifier

Now with 2 wicks, 50% more vapor output

Our Cave Cubes are compact humidifiers especially designed for small cheese aging enclosures, converted refrigerators and small cheese cellars up to 80 cu. ft. The cube is placed in a tray or dish of water, and the fan pulls air through the absorbent wick to humidify the enclosure. Now with two-window, two-wicks that gives 50% more humidity pumping than the old cube.

Paired with the LPTC humidity controller minimum humidity requirements can be precisely controlled, or the Cube can be run without the controller in which case the fan runs continuously (see sidebar for more details). If lower %RH is desired the wicks can be "clipped" at the top to bypass air around the wick.

Cave Cube Humidifier w/ 2 wicks

Product No. PC-CCB

$58.50 ea

This product is unavailable at this time.

(More details here)

Cave Cube Replacement Wicks (2 ct)

Product No. PC-CCBW

$4.00 (2 wicks)

Note: We will continue to sell replacement wicks on the website.

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 Q & A

Q: What type / size of water dish should I use

PC: I use a 8" x 6" x 2" deep Pyrex glass baking dish (shown in the picture). You can use any SS, glass or plastic pan or dish as long as you keep at least 1/2 of the wick exposed to air.

Q: How well can you control humidity with the Cave Cube without the LPTC controller?

PC: The humidifier alone works best when you have difficulty keeping humidity high enough without adding a wet towel or some such method. This is often the case in the summer or if the fridge is in a heated space, as every time the compressor cycles it de-humidifies the air. The CCB will quickly replace the lost humidity and the average %RH will usually stay in the 80 to 90% range. In cooler environments the humidity may get too high, so in those cases a controller is a big help. A less effective option is to clip some of the wick off at the top to bypass air and reduce the humidity pumping effect.

You can see more details (with test data) here.