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Humidity Control and Humidifier Equipment

Note: If you both humidity and temperature control please check out our Auber TH220 and TH220W dual high-performance controllers.

The "H-Stat" Humidity Controller is a Pre-Wired digital humidistat with 110vac output This compact modular controller can be used with our Cave Cube Humidifier or used to switch a variety of commercial humidifiers including our specially designed ultrasonic fogging systems. Output is 1100W / 10A and can control multiple generators / humidifiers as needed to maintain humidity target levels in even large caves.

Our Cave Cubes are compact humidifiers especially designed for small cheese aging enclosures, converted refrigerators and small cheese cellars up to 80 cu. ft. The cube is placed in a tray or dish of water, and the fan pulls air through the absorbent wicks to humidify the enclosure. 

Our humidification control package is designed for the specific needs of home and hobby cheesemakers. The PC-HCP combines the precise monitoring / control of the H-Stat Humidistat with the compact Cave Cube humidifier into one modular system that is completely pre-wired, easy to install, program and use. The system includes a 12vdc adapter that plugs into the controller socket and powers the Cave Cube humidifier.

$99.00 ea.

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Our new line of ultrasonic fogging systems are designed for caves from 100 up to 2,000 cu. ft. and larger. We have teamed with The House Of Hydro, LLC who sells a complete line of high quality fogging generators capable of producing from 500 ml/hr of water mist using a single-head, up to 2,500 ml/hr using a 12-head.

Fogging systems can be purchased alone or together with the H-Stat Humidistat for total humidity control.


Q. How precisely do these control systems control enclosure %RH?

PC: The sensor and readout are accurate to within +/- 3% RH. The actual humidity within the cave should average at or very near the controller setpoint, but will be affected by short-terms "upsets" caused by the door opening or the compressor running. These effects will affect the meter readout but the system should quickly compensate.

More details about humidity control with actual test data can be found here.