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Humidity Control Package for Fridge-size Caves

Our humidification control package is designed for the specific needs of home and hobby cheesemakers. The PC-HCP combines the precise monitoring / control of the H-Stat Humidistat with the compact Cave Cube humidifier into one modular system that is completely pre-wired, easy to install, program and use. The system includes a 12vdc adapter that plugs into the controller socket and powers the Cave Cube humidifier.

Individual components can be purchased separately and replacement sensor heads are available on request.

Cable lengths:

110vac power cord (4 ft)

12vac power cord for Cube (6 ft)

Humidity sensor* (9 ft)

Complete Humidification Control Package

Product No. PC-HCP

$130.00 ea.

Product No. PC-HCP

$130.00 ea.

This product is unavailable at this time.

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