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Humidity Control

Note: If you both humidity and temperature control please check out our Auber TH220 and TH220W dual high-performance controllers.

Digital Humidity Control (Humidistat)

The "H-Stat" Air Humidity Controller Pre-Wired digital humidistat with 110vac output This compact modular controller can be used with our Cave Cube Humidifier or used to switch a variety of commercial humidifiers including our specially designed ultrasonic fogging systems. Output is 1100W / 10A and can control multiple generators / humidifiers as needed to maintain humidity target levels in even large caves.

The temperature-compensated / replaceable humidity sensor has an accuracy of +/- 3% over the full range of RH (0 to 99%).and comes with an extra-long 9 ft. cable with plug.

"H-Stat" Humidistat with A/C out

Product No. PC-HSTAT

$48.00 ea.

This product is unavailable at this time.

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Product Description:

The H-Stat humidity controller is designed to turn an electric appliance off and on at desired % relative humidity.

Main features:

1-YEAR Warranty

Plug and play. No worry about wiring.

Maximum load: 1100W @110V

Humidification OR de-humidification working mode.

% RH read-out.

Calibration feature

On-delay protection time setting.

High and low % RH alarms

Auto shut off timer(It doesn't turn off the controller itself. The timer just turns off the load when specified time counts down to 0.)


1.Power supply: AC 110V, 60Hz

2.Measure range: 0 to 99% RH

               Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.


Q: Is there an easy way to check my humidity sensor's accuracy?

PC: There is. Turns out that the equilibrium relative humidity above a saturated solution of water and sodium chloride (table salt) is 75.3% which is, conveniently, very close to the target %RH for aging cheese. You can read more about this method here.

Q: I checked my sensor and instead of 75% it reads 70%. Should I replace it?

PC: Most inexpensive humidity sensors claim a +/- 5% RH accuracy, so your sensor would still be within specs. Easiest thing is to add (or subtract) the difference to get a more accurate reading. If the difference is much greater than this you may want to consider replacing the sensor head.