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Humidity Control

Humidity Control Products

We now have two groups of humidity control products for aging cheese and other applications that require precise control of relative humidity in a refrigerated enclosure. For refrigerator / freezer sized enclosures check out our products for "Small Caves". For enclosures 100 cu. ft. or larger you will probably need the higher output our "Larger Cave" systems.  

Our "Cave Cube" evaporative humidifiers and LPHC humidistats are designed specifically for "small scale" control. The system is low voltage (12vdc) for safety and compactness.  

We now have the new LPHC-2 humidistat with 110 volt ac output for control of larger humidifiers. Combined with our fog generators and mist distribution system up to 2,500 ml/hr can be vaporized to handle even the most "difficult" caves. One humidistat can control multiple fog generators for even larger caves.

                Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.