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Q: What type of sensors do we use?

PC: All of our temperature sensors use RTDs (resistive temperature devices) that are accurate and inexpensive and are the preferred method for measuring the "moderate" temperatures associated with cooking and baking.

For humidity we use two different types. The Control Cube RH uses a HS1101LF capacitive sensor that are interchangable, very accurate (+/- 2% RH) and measure through the full %RH range. Our Willhi WH8040 controller is also temperature compensated with a remote RTD which further increases accuracy.

Our Humidity / Temperature Monitor use a HR202 resistive device that is less accurate (+ / 5% RH) but are economical and interchangeable allowing the sensors to be replaced at low cost without re-calibration. Many "low cost" humidity monitors and even some control systems use the HR202, but we think the HR202 is worth the extra cost for precise control.

If you want more information this is a good article and has a good explanation of "what is humidity" at the end.