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Humidity Control for Larger Caves

This is basically our Low Profile Humidity Controller but with a 110vac output. This enables the humidistat to be used to switch a variety of commercial humidifiers including our specially designed ultrasonic fogging systems.

Our new line of Ultrasonic Fogging / mist distribution systems are designed for caves from 100 up to 2,000 cu. ft. and larger. We have teamed with The House Of Hydro, LLC who sells a complete line of high quality fogging generators capable of producing from 500 ml/hr of water mist using a single-head, up to 2,500 ml/hr using a 12-head.

$50.00 to $300.00 depending on configuration.

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~Growing the Business~

Over the last year we've had inquiries for humidification control in caves in the 100's of cu. ft. and larger. While our cave cubes are great for small enclosures, wick-type evaporators that are even much larger than our "cubes" have a hard time keeping humidity targets at 55F especially in larger, air-conditioned caves. The principal of the "condensor effect" is the same no matter what the cave size is, and the de-humidification effect of the A/C requires a good vapor-pumping system to recover. Our search for reliable high-output fogging led us to The House of Hydro and their generators combined with our distribution and control provide an very economical alternative for the small-to-mid-sized artisan cheese maker.