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Articulated toggle design allows for quick loading / unloading. Mechanical advantage increases as rubber band(s) relax to provide even pressure over about 3" vertical travel. Will handle up to 8" dia. up to 8" tall. Good for low to med. pressing (up to 80 lbs).

PC Press

Pulley-Cantilevered press gives 5x mechanical advantage and will press up to 250 lbs with 50 lb. dead weight. Gives good access to cheese and quick unload. Designed to maintain a horizontal pressing platten / follower over entire vertical range. Will handle up to 9" dia 9" high molds.

Presses are made of premium and exotic hardwood (walnut, oak, cherry, rosewood, etc.) with Russian birch plywood bases

Both compact presses fold up and store in a 14" x 12" x 4" high box and come with poly draining tray.