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Humidity / Temperature Monitor

We've taken the popular Acurite 614 digital relative humidity / temperature and added a remote sensor with an 8 ft flat cable that doesn't require drilling an access hole. The Acurite has a strong magnet on the back to secure it to the refrigerator door and a clip that allows it to be tilted up for better viewing. It shows the daily range (max and min) of both humidity and temperature, and can display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Our custom sensor head is detachable and can be economically replaced without having to purchase a new monitor.

Humidity / Temp Monitor with Remote Sensor

Product No. PC-HTM

$26.00 ea.

Replacement Sensor

Product No. PC-HTMS

$6.00 ea.

Cheese Tip

Keep in mind that a cheese cave with it's high RH and cool temperatures is very prone to having water condense on cool surfaces when the door is opened. Water vapor repeatedly condensing on the sensor chip can eventually foul the coated surface and cause misreadings so it's best to place the sensor head away from the door, preferably at the center-back of the enclosure. Our H/T Monitor has a 8ft long cord to make placement easier.