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pH Tester / Buffer Solutions

Extech PH100

We only stock one pH tester now because the waterproof ExStik® pH100 meter has no equals when you consider it's features and price. As far as we can find this is the only flat-electrode tester under $100 that can be used for liquids, semi-solids and solids including pressed cheese. Most other testers in this price range have bulb-type sensors that are hard to use with semi-solids and virtually impossible to use for solid surfaces.

You can review all of it's many features here

Datasheets, manual and videos for the ExStik are here.

Extech ExStik® PH100 pH meter

Part No. PC-PH100


Currently unavailable

Extech PH100

We highly recommend checking meter calibration on a regular basis. While both of these meters can do 3 point calibration, for acidic foods like cheese, beer and wine a 2 point calibration using 4.0 and 7.0 pH buffer solutions should be all you need. Includes (2) 8 oz. bottles: (1) 4.0 pH and (1) 7.0 pH of buffer solutions.

Buffer Solutions

(2) 8 oz. bottles

Part No. PC-BUFS

$16.00 ea. set