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Going “whole hog”

Not really, but certainly going with a whopping whole full rack of pork ribs in the SV pan. I had never cooked ribs sous vide but they seemed an ideal candidate for a full size steam table pan. I’ve done a couple of cooks with my “full-size steam table pan on a griddle” and recently have wanted to take one of those factory vacuum-packed ribs and just drop the suckers in the bath for one or two days. I know it’s rather unconventional, especially because you fore-go brining, rubs and such but I thought the plain ribs would establish a baseline and also see how pre-seasoning does vs. post.

Equipment / ingredients:

  1. Presto “Cool Touch” electric griddle; 10” by 20” cooking surface
  2. Full size SS steam table pan with cover
  3. Perfect-Cheese CCT temperature controller module
  4. 6-lb rack of Smithfield pork ribs (pre-frozen)
  5. Salt, pepper, rub seasoning (all post cooking; light application)
  6. Barbeque sauce (whatever was open in the fridge)