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"M-Press" Cheese Press

Above: M-Press with 6 in. diameter "Clear-Mold"

M-Press is a totally new design for pressing cheese. It is capable of applying up to 80 lbs. pressure on molds up to 10" in diameter and up to 8" tall. The unique articulated-toggle design combines the near-constant pressure of a lever arm press and the convenience and compactness of a spring press.

Construction and Features:

  • Wooden gears keep pressing block horizontal even if mold is off-center.
  • Pressure is provided by large rubber bands that can be quickly added or removed as required.
  • Arms stay in the "up" position when repositioning or redressing mold.
  • Arms are solid walnut; gears and base are premium Russian Birch plywood (will not delaminate even in high moisture conditions).
  • Fasteners are maple dowels and stainless steel screws.
  • Finished with two coats of polyurethane.
  • Removable base pins provide for quick release of arm assembly.
  • Small storage footprint (15" long x 10" wide x 4" high")
  • Comes with polypropylene draining tray and drain mat.
  • All components fabricated and assembled in Hartsville, SC