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Resources, Tips and Tests

From time to time we run into small-scale cheese makers (and mongers) that have an interesting story to tell. These customers are gracious to let us show a short profile of their business and describe how Perfect Cheese may have played a small role. If any of these businesses are near you we recommend you check them out. (more)

This is but one of many methods you can use for heating milk and controlling temperature. We've pretty much tried them all, and now use this "griddle" system for all of our cheese-making. (more)

Controlling milk temperature per recipe instructions can be a real problem for the occasional cheese maker. Not so much for the initial warming to the desired ripening temperature (which can easily be done in a sink of hot water). (more)

Those of us whom do not have a cellar (much less a cave) in which to age cheese, have two choices: (1) use a kitchen fridge and age at much-lower-than-optimum temperature, or (2) convert an old fridge (or wine cooler) to maintain target temperature and humidity conditions. (more)

We small-scale cheese makers can dream of one day having a real "cave" or dedicated conditioning room, but alas for most of us it's not very likely to ever be a reality. (more)

Controlling temperature within a refrigerated enclosure is pretty straightforward, but humidity control is more complex, requiring you to balance humidity generation with de-humidification effects. We've performed several tests under real-life conditions that could help your efforts to control %RH (more)

Product demos and tutorials, and a couple added for "entertainment" value. (more)