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Equipment for Sous Vide Cooking

We added this product page because it turns out that our milk heating concept (griddle, tile, steam table pan, and controller) is also an excellent choice for sous vide. If you already have a crock-pot all you need is the CCT controller, but if you don't or you want greater capacity you may be interested in looking at these options. The vacuum bagger and bags are also popular with cheese makers so we include them here as well..

Complete Sous Vide System

Comes with a 2/3 size SS steam table pan and cover, electric griddle with heat distribution tile and our CCT electric digital controller. We also add two polypropylene molded mesh screens for a bottom spacer and separator when using more than one bag

Product No. PC_SVS

2/3 size Steam Table Pan and Cover

3+ gal. capacity gives plenty of room for large roasts or multiple bags. Larger water volume provides shorter time-to-cooking-temperature, especially when cooking frozen foods.

Product No. PC-STPSV

Electric Griddle with Heat Distribution Tile

This is a Presto "Cool-touch" model ___ that has been modified to "lower" the sides so that the pan / pot has good contact with the tile surface. The combination is perfect for 2/3 and full size steam table pans and provides very even heat distribution.

Product No. PC-EGDT

Heat Distribution Tile

We do sell the ceramic tile separately for those who have an electric griddle with a cooking surface area greater than 10" x 14" and (if you're pot or pan is bigger than the surface) the lip and sides are less than 5/32" above the surface.

Product No. 

Sous Vide for the Home Cook

Douglas Baldwin has a PhD in Mathematics and researches nonlinear wave phenomena at the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder. He is also an expert on sous vide cooking. This is his second book with over 200 recipes for the sous vide cook, and whether you purchase the book or not if you're a lover of sous vide we recommend his web blog-post that has essential information and a bunch of excellent video tutorials.

Product No. PC-DB

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