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LPTC-2 Two-stage Temperature Control

This is our fully wired 2-stage temperature controller module with two relays and separate power socket outlets: one for cooling and one for heating. The second relay is needed when external temperatures drop below target refrigerator temperature (for an example of a cave in unheated garage see graph below). Each relay can switch 110vac loads up to 10A. The LPTC-2 comes with a detachable 7ft long sensor cable with a small dia. (.150) stainless steel thermistor probe.  

The controller has a non-slip soft foam base for shelf or counter use. Heating lamp with 8' cord and extension cords can be purchased separately below.


with 6' power cord and 7' detachable temp. probe

Product No. PC-LPTC2

(Currently Unavailable)


Q: When do you need a 2-stage temperature controller?

PC: If you're refrigerated enclosure is in a relatively warm environment a single-stage controller like the CCT will do fine. However of the enclosure is in") an environment where the temperature dips below your target temperature (as in an un-heated garage in the winter) the second stage relay is needed for heating.  

Speaking of heating...

For most refrigerated enclosure applications an incandescent light bulb will be all you need for the heating appliance to maintain within +/- 1 to 2 deg. F. We offer a candelabra light set with 60W bulb, 8' power cord and screw-terminal polarized socket. You can tape the cord around the fridge door, or if you rather you can drill a small (1/4") access hole in the side wall and pass the cord through along with the temperature probe cable. If you use a lamp make sure it's near the bottom of the fridge and if you have cheese above it make sure you have some foil or deflector to spread out the heat.