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Temperature Control

Temperature Control Products

These controllers are compatible with our Cave Cube and foggers making them perfect for applications where both temperature (heating or cooling) and humidity (humidification or de-humidification) control are required. Need remote monitoring and data logging? The TH220-W with Wifi provides that capability and much more .....

The "T-Stat" temperature controller is perfect for precisely controlling aging temperature in refrigerators, freezers or wine coolers. This dual-mode (either for heating or cooling) thermostatic controller has similar specifications to our original LPTC but at a lower price and comes with a 1 year warranty. It comes completely pre-wired with replaceable sensor and power cord. Extremely easy to program and set. Includes a "on-delay" setting to protect refrigerator compressor for cooling applications. 

Includes the Auber TH220 or TH220-W dual temperature / humidity controller and Cave Cube humidifier. If you have or are converting a refrigerated enclosure to a cheese cave and want full control this will give you everything you need. The TH220-W adds Wifi accessability for your Android and IPhone.

$180.00 - $220.00 ea. system 

                  Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions..