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"T-Stat" Temperature Controller

Note: If you both humidity and temperature control please check out our Auber TH220 and TH220W dual high-performance controllers.

The "T-Stat" temperature controller is perfect for precisely controlling aging temperature in refrigerators, freezers or wine coolers. Made by Willhi, this dual-mode* thermostatic controller has similar specifications to our original LPTC but at a lower price and comes with a 1 year warranty. It comes completely pre-wired with replaceable sensor and power cord. Extremely easy to program and set. Includes a "on-delay" setting to protect refrigerator compressor for cooling applications.  

*Can control heating or cooling. Output is 10A / 1100W @ 120VAC. See specifications below

T-Stat Temperature Controller

Product No. PC-TSTAT

$36.50 ea.

This product is unavailable at this time.

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Product Description:

The T-Stat temperature controller is designed to turn an electric appliance off and on at desired temperature.


You can use the controller to turn on a heater at 99.9 F and turn it off at 100 F (set HC=H, Lb=99.9, Hb=100).

Or turn on a fridge at 52 F and turn it off at 45.3 F (set HC=C, Lb=52, Hb=45.3).

Main features:

1-YEAR Warranty

Plug and play. No worry about wiring.

Maximum load: 1100W @110V

Heating OR refrigeration working mode.

Celsius or fahrenheit read-out.

Temperature calibration.

Compressor delay protection time setting.

High and low temperature alarms are available(This is a useful function. You can use this feature to alarm you when the temperature overshoots your desired temperature)

Auto shut off timer(It doesn't turn off the controller itself. The timer just turns off the load when specified time counts down to 0.)


1.Power supply: AC 110V, 60Hz

2.Measure range: -58°F ~ 230°F / -50°C ~ 110

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