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Canadian Whitewood Ripening Boards

In addition to the stock Cambro covers we also make matching whitewood board bases that can be used with the pans or by themselves. These bases are made of low pitch-content Canadian softwood and have routed edges that fit the pan opening and keep it in place. Edges are routed on both sides so the board can be "flipped" from time to time to help prevent warpage when using with the clear minicaves.

7" x 7" x 3/4" Ripening Board

Fits 7x7x4 and 7x7x6 Clear Minicaves

Product No. PC-SBS7

$6.00 ea.

12" x 10" x 3/4" Ripening Board

Fits 12x10x4 and 12x10x6 Clear Minicaves

Product No. PC-SBS12

$8.00 ea.

*We can provide hardwood routed Ripening Boards if desired - Please contact us.

Please contact us for questions, custom requests or product suggestions.


Q: What is the advantage of wood boards?

PC: Wood shelving has long been a substrate for aging cheese, serving as a humidity "buffer" to even out swings in %RH and creating a more natural environment during ripening.

Cleaning and Sanitizing*

Wood ripening boards can be cleaned by washing in warm water and dried exposed to the sun, allowing the sun's UV rays to sanitize the surfaces. You can also use vinegar as a mild sanitizing agent (don't use bleach, as it will harm the surface). Gianaclis also says they have tried "brushing on a solution of water and disolved culture (to inoculate the boards with good bacteria)" with good success.

* from Gianaclis Caldwell's book "Mastering Artisan Cheese-making"